Tv sports are soft

We all heard the news of Trump’s kid Grayson Allen tripping another player on the court. The supposedly rich ass brat was seen throwing a temper tantrum after the foul.

First of all, all the critics talking about this subject like The Herd, First Take, and Undisputed can fuck off. They haven’t mentioned college basketball at all this year until now. But this is why Grayson Allen doesn’t deserve the heat.

We all grew up in little league sports where competing was everything. It didn’t matter if you were hitting a defenseless receiver on the field or tackling someone on the bball court because they weren’t going hard in the paint. Shit happens and tomorrow in practice,  if its an ordeal, you’ll run and life goes on.

Sports that are on Tv have simply became soft. I agree, Draymond Green shouldn’t be kicking people in the nuts because that hurts. But when Grayson is competing and tripping a player because he doesn’t want him to make it to the rim then I’m all for it. He’s tripping a guy. If you get injured from a trip then you aren’t an athlete anyway. Draymond is literally kicking people in body parts that shouldn’t be kicked. Swollen balls are a real thing and fuck that.

If you want to pick apart Grayson’s actions then be my guest but I’d rather have a kid like that on my team than a kid that has composure. Why? Because the kid that has composure can’t channel anything else but pussyness. They have no switch. I don’t care who you are, Grayson on the sideline would have knocked out all those Elon kids out at once.

I’m a gamer. I like personality even if you’re a snot nose rich kid. I like people that care about the game unlike 97% of the NBA. Hate the kid all you want but even the smart kids in high school smoked a cigarette every now and again on lunch break.



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