Tinder season is in full effect

Skeptical. Sketchy. Whatever you call tinder it is what it is. When if first came out I thought it would be the glory holes of holes. Turns out that 80% of matches are fake and the other 20 are fat bitches. Don’t take it to heart. Fat bitches are cool/fine, just not a great fit for tinder.

You see, tinder profiles are like books. You have to capture a woman’s attention with one picture. The whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is bullshit and we all know it. If that was true then books wouldn’t have covers and movies wouldn’t have trailers.

Shitty cover, shitty book.


All in all tinder is for all types of people whether you’re looking to bang or actually meet someone. If you use tinder, just be cautious because you’re dealing with red bull and vodka (potential worst hangover). Women now have an app where they can get laid at any time 24/8.

The great thing here is that we’re currently in tinder season. Holidays are brewing and even though they’re passing, all these women are looking for comfort. This is when girls brains get scattered and re-wired. They see how happy sister Teresa is with her new boyfriend and all  of a sudden they feel out of place.

So tinder season becomes a thing. New accounts are being made as we speak. The good thing here is that a lot of these women making accounts around this time are females that shouldn’t be on tinder anyway. I’m talking the 8’s and 9’s are coming out to play.

If you’re a tinder banger then I’d advice you to stray away from the opening message of ‘do you want to play with a huge cock’ because tinder season is in full effect. This is a time where 4’s get opportunities with 8’s because of the calendar.

Put in the work because the drought will soon come. Tinder season will most likely end in February and Valentine’s Day will recapture the moment. Go slay you an 8 before its too late.




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