Rex Ryan a true coach

The Ryan’s have been released of their football duties.

Rex and Rob have came a long way from a small town in Oklahoma. They sure will miss being in Buffalo.

I hope people don’t forget how true of a coach Rex Ryan has been. He coached one of the greatest in Mark Sanchez and helped Tyrod Taylor lead the league in getting sacked this year. He game planned for interviews and even played tricks on his old pal Bill Belichick. Rex even played a huge role in Donald Trump becoming president.

Overall, Rex Ryan was a true coach because he played the game to have fun. After going 9-7 and 11-5 in his first two years as the Jets head coach, he realized that giving other teams a chance at the Playoffs was a better move and made him better in press conferences.

He took the Jeff Fisher approach by beating some tough teams throughout the season but ultimately finishing 8-8. He only thought it was fair.

Ryan never forgot what his little league coaches had told him, “Don’t worry about wining, just go have fun.” It stuck with him till this day. Winning makes coaches and players greedy, hence why this year and last year they hung around .500.

Hopefully, Rex will get a job in Cleveland to continue his jokes. The city then can rejoice and all laugh together in peace. The positive of Rex getting fired is that he replaces Peyton Manning in the Nation Wide jingle commercials and gets more movie roles. Now that is something to look forward too! Let’s not forget the superb role he played in That’s My Boy.

Some say dinosaurs aren’t real but Rex sure proved that through toughness and humor anything is possible.



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