Post-Heroin fraud (Dejah Hall)

Dejah whiskey throttle Hall.

Dejah Hall is supposedly a recovering heroin addict that hit the internet back alley way recently. She became famous for using drugs then recovering then becoming sexy. That’s why she’s internet famous.

Listen, I’m just not buying Ms. Hall being an 8 on the women scale. Look, she put down the pipe, she started buying makeup, and she brushed her hair. It’s like when you take a female home from the bar. Your drunk so she looked 6-7 then when you wakeup in the morning she’s a solid 3. Cmon guys, 2+3=5.

The fact that so many of you Texas yacks think this bitch is hot, you’re mistaken. After 21, you don’t just become sexy at 25. I mean my old 4th grade teacher isn’t getting any hotter let me tell ya.

Point here is that the glass is 1/4 full. The Internet is built off of frauds and I’m not buying Dejah Vu to be a truth of seduction. She takes a lot of pride on doing what she’s done yet the only original picture is her mugshot. If she were a drug dealer I’m not buyin nothin.

Congrats on recovery.

Her FB

Recent picture looking 32.






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