The Rock sold his soul

We all grew up on Wrestling. I recall more of the WWF era but WWE is fair game. I remember watching the sport on my couch with my Dad. Huge fan of Mick Foley and what he had to offer. I was going through my emo stage at this point so the Hardy Boys were my go too. Actually looked them up as I am writing this and people are predicting their comeback.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.56.33 PM.png

I can still remember the day when my Dad told me wrestling wasn’t real and I never watched it again.

Fact of this article is that Dwayne the Rock Johnson forgot where he came from. YA DWAYNE NO ONE DISRESPECTS THE BUSINESS. He said in a recent interview that wrestling is fake. Maybe he never had to wrestle the captain Ric Flair? Or maybe the Undertaker never looked him in the eye?

I was just beginning to enjoy the guy in movies. Now he seems to be cool to remember the glory days. Taking too many W’s and can’t remember his L’s. Reminds me of that time I made out with T Swift and didn’t wait for her ride. Where’s my check Taylor?

You had a good run. At 44 I can’t see you doing anything else there Dwayne. You and Kevin Hart really killed it. As a matter of a fact, I liked the coked out Rock better. I ain’t buyin what the Rock is cookin.




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